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Focus on the Hummingbird Collection

Introduced in 2021, designed by the Wedgwood Design Team and made here in Barlaston, this new collection of prestige vases and teaware is a celebration of the artistry, creativity and quality Wedgwood is renowned for around the world. The classically inspired shapes in fine bone china are decorated with archive inspired botanical designs in bold and exotic colours. The imaginative design creates an expressive and richly eclectic visual experience – an eye catching contrast.

Inspired by these magical birds and the English passion for country gardens in full bloom, the Hummingbird Collection pairs the beauty of translucent silky white fine bone china with exotic oversized flowers and the spirited fairylike tiny feathered creatures. Harking back to the mystical world of Daisy Makeig-Jones’ Fairyland Lustre collection, there’s an otherworldly quality to these pieces.

The statement vases and classic teaware collection feature floral patterns inspired by nature and exotic landscapes, the delicate Wedgwood design is intricately detailed with raised enamel and expertly hand finished with 22 carat gold.

Each piece is a canvas to showcase the expertise of the skilled craftspeople and artists at the Wedgwood factory.

Moving in a constant flash of tropical colours, hummingbirds are a marvel of nature. Symbolising joy and positive wellbeing, the hummingbird is a creative inspiration for everyone who loves to have a colourful, expressive and eclectic lifestyle.

Welcome to the colourful tune of the hummingbird. A collection that stands out as much as you do. Dreamt up and made in England.

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