Pottery Painting Events in the Decorating Studio

Pottery Painting Events in the Decorating Studio

What is it?

For special occasions like holidays, we open our Decorating Studio for both adults and children alike, for you to paint your very own piece of stoneware, directly above the Factory in which Wedgwood is made!


We use water-based paints in our Decorating Studio. This allows you to take your pottery home on the same day as your visit as well avoiding the kind of staining found in other harsher paints. We take pride in caring for the environment as much as we can here at World of Wedgwood, which is another benefit of using water based paints.


The price of the sessions are between £5 and £15 on the day, depending on the item of pottery you choose to paint.

All ages welcome!

Best suited, but not limited to children age two and above. Colouring paper can be provided for little hands that aren't quite ready for pottery just yet!

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