BCB | Focus Weekend

This event occurred in the past - and is here for reference - for up to date events see here

BCB | Focus Weekend

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October 2019

Performances | Talks | Workshops

On the final weekend of the BCB Festival the 22 Hands event will culminate in an interactive residency where artists Duncan Hooson and Stephanie Buttle will be working within the site-specific installation they have created. Here, they invite the public to come and join in with their thinking and making as it happens. There will be opportunities for people to get involved with making, movement, and gesture all directly relating to the artists processes.

The event will be a performative, sociable exploration of the Artist’s responses to ceramic production processes and the fascinating word of renowned sculptor Glenys Barton. Come and work alongside the artists in the space and explore new ways of thinking and making about ceramic production. Each experience will give a unique and personal insight into the artistic processes used.

At 12pm each day the artists will be holding a 20 minute informal artist talk where there will be the opportunity for people to hear more about the artists work, their inspirations and the fascinating story behind the artworks and performances.

Throughout the weekend from 10am - 4.30pm the public are invited to take part in a free ornamenting workshop. This workshop, which is open to all ages, gives people the opportunity to make their mark in the form of personalised figure moulds. Each unique mark will be stamped onto a series of stunning, large scale pots created by Duncan Hooson, coming together to create a truly collaborate series of works.

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