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This necklace was made in 1982 by the English jewellery artist Wendy Ramshaw in collaboration with Wedgwood. The beads are made of lathe-turned black basalt to create forms of spheres, hemispheres and cylinders, threaded onto silver with a drum-shaped silver fastener hallmarked WR.

Lathe turning was part of the finishing process where the clay is dried until it is leather-hard and then, as the piece is turned on the lathe, the surface is shaped by removing clay with special tools. This technique was used for Wedgwood’s vases giving them their refined silhouettes.

Having survived the years of economic turmoil following the 1929 Wall Street Crash, the Wedgwood Company was ready to move their brand and production in a new and bold direction.  To achieve this, the company needed an equally new and innovative factory so it decided to move from Etruria. The decision was made public in 1936.

This brooch was designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones for Wedgwood in 1920. It is made of bone china, hand-printed and hand-coloured, and reprinted in gold. The actual bone china plaque is mounted in a silver setting, hallmarked Sterling. It belongs to the first series of lustre decorated pieces called Ordinary Lustre, first launched in 1915, and is not to be mistaken for the famous Fairyland Lustre, as these two styles are very different in design.

Makes six cakes


125g  Unsalted butter
125g  Caster sugar
10g  Earl Grey loose leaf tea (ideally from the Wedgwood Signature range)
80ml  Whole milk
2 Medium free-range eggs
150g  Self-raising flour
200g  Fresh strawberries
200ml  Double cream
Icing sugar for dusting


This gold ring is marked Josiah Wedgwood ob: 3 jan 1795 aged 64 and relates to the death of Josiah Wedgwood I. It is decorated with black and white ‘champlevé’ enamel, where designs are hollowed out in the metal, ground by means of etching or cutting and then filled with opaque enamel.

This bracelet has a band of interwoven human hair mounted on a decorated gold clasp. The clasp features a setting with faceted crystal to protect two different sets of hair, its rear is engraved:

Josiah Wedgwood
died July 12th 1843
aged 74
Elizabeth Wedgwood
died March 31st 1846
aged 82